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Pessegueiro Estate allies tradition and quality in the production of specialty coffees. Founded in 1870 in the municipality of Mococa, state of São Paulo, Pessegueiro has over 140 years of experience with coffee and is able to offer its clients Arabicas of the highest quality, grown by the same family for six generations.

The passion for coffee is what drives the farm and its people. Tradition together with modern production techniques result in superb coffees with complex features and superior and consistent quality, crop after crop.

 Pessegueiro Estate is a reference in the Brazilian coffee market; its coffees are served in upscale restaurants and coffee shops and are appreciated by clients in all regions of Brazil.



Pessegueiro Estate occupies a total area of 670 acres in the rural area of Mococa, a municipality in São Paulo state. Approximately 370 acres are dedicated to the production of top quality Arabica coffees of the Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Rubi and Acaiá varieties. The coffee plantations are spread over flat and mountainous terrain at an average altitude of 2,630 feet.

The modern harvesting and processing technologies employed on the farm guarantee efficiency and high yields. Pessegueiro’s annual coffee output totals 4,000 bags, with strong emphasis on quality and sustainability.

The farm’s main house, built in the 19th century and completely preserved, faces the drying yards. There are 28,000 square feet of drying patios where all the recently harvested coffee cherries are laid to dry. Drying is conducted under the sun and carefully coordinated by experienced workers so that coffee quality is entirely preserved.

The majority of the coffees grown at Pessegueiro Estate are processed using the natural method, which privileges aspects such as sweetness and mildness in the cup. The pulped natural system is also used to obtain balanced coffees with marked acidity and body.

Coffee roasting and grinding is done in small batches in state-of-the-art equipment located on the property, guaranteeing total traceability of production, from seed to cup. This artisanal roasting process is also essential to keep Pessegueiro coffees always fresh at the time of consumption. 

Care, dedication and professionalism during all stages of coffee production are basic principles at Pessegueiro Estate and permeate all of its activities, so that only the best coffees reach its clients and consumers.



Roasted Wholebean Coffee for Espresso – Pessegueiro Estate
100% high quality Arabica prepared with the finest beans of each crop and medium-roasted. Pronounced body, intense sweetness and balanced acidity. Remarkable flavor, with notes of chocolate and pleasant aftertaste.

Roasted & Ground Coffee – Pessegueiro Estate
Differentiated coffee, 100% superior quality Arabica, mild and high bodied. With delicious aromas and flavor, it is the perfect choice for the daily brew, at home or in the office.

Singledose Coffee (pod) – Pessegueiro Estate
The tradition and quality of the Pessegueiro Estate espresso packed individually for more convenience and practicality. Ideal for boutiques, shops and other small establishments that serve coffee to their clients and also for home consumption of those who own a singledose coffee machine. 

Café Fazenda Pessegueiro